Tarot Card Readings, Numerology and Astrology Predictions

You should be open and eager as the Fool to embrace your future with no prior thoughts of how things should be. When the Magician greets you upside down, then you’d be wise to take good care. Swords — gray or light-colored hair, green or blue eyes, light complexion. The Magician. Just because everything could start off nicely doesn’t mean that this link is going to go the distance. Pentacles — dark hair, brown eyes, dark complexion.

The Magician is a representation of any person who wishes to bring out the divine qualities you has. You have the resources to construct a healthy and enduring connection, but where there is free will, there’s a component of manipulation and control when the Magician is on his head. Additionally, remember: the rules above aren’t hard. It is a reminder that you are a unique person, and you have been given many gifts that others do not have. Tread cautiously when it comes to depending too much on the future of the connection because it’s not ensured.

A guy who might be the King of Pentacles might be acting more like a lovesick young male — which could make the Knight of Cups a much better representation. When this card comes up, it is telling you that your skills and your gifts can allow you to start new endeavors in life and overcome whatever holding you back. This connection might not be in your best interest, however charismatic and attractive another individual may seem. Another suggestion: everybody inhabits male/female energy. Whatever you want to be your distinctive self and discuss your particular gifts or skills is already inside of you.

First Position: Are Our Souls Known to One Another? Be ready to bend genders. The High Priestess. Cards exhibited in the initial position can provide you with a look into any compatibility that you may have together. After, I did a reading for a guy and also the Queen of Pentacles reversed showed up in the reading.

The High Priestess is the most intuitive and attached card in a Tarot deck. There is a common misconception that everyone we meet in life is predetermined or has kind of spiritual connection. I started describing a dark-haired woman who was not very practical and perhaps clingy. It is all about consciousness and your subconscious, urging you to follow your intuition and inner voice. It’s incredibly uncommon for your soul to satisfy someone it already understands. He stopped me and said "I’m homosexual. When this card is shown, it best tarot cards is asking you to start looking within for answers and to stop directing your focus on the outside world.

This cards position can indicate that you need to be careful and assertive to any connection. BUT that clarifies my partner to a T." I’ve seen Kings represent female bosses, Queens symbolize stay-at-home dads, Pages represent increased adults who are doing immature things, and Knights represent young lesbians. This card reminds us that we have inherent wisdom, and we should use it.

The connection may be a hard one to take, as occasionally the connections aren’t agreeable, but they still hold a significant lesson. Be open-minded and don’t assume that everybody will be a "traditional" Court Card. (See my post Gender-Bending The Tarot.) The Empress. Second Position: Why Is The Dating Worth My Time? Other ideas: The most womanly card in the Tarot deck, the Empress is all about inviting empathy, beauty, and enjoy. An optimistic outlook on connections and all relationships in life is essential. Sometimes a Major Arcana or other cards might be a greater representation of somebody. The Empress is also deeply connected with Mother Nature, connecting strongly into the natural order of things.

Regardless of whether it’s a joyful, loving relationship, or a unhappy, and painful one, all relations are experiences and lessons we have to learn from. By way of example, The Empress is ideal for a pregnant woman while the Eight of Pentacles might be good for a workaholic. She represents fruitfulness, nutrition, security, and in some cases, fertility. The experience, like all experiences in life, can provide personal development and will always have a minumum of one lesson connected with it.

For a couple, you may want to choose The Lovers or both of Cups. When you see this card, it might mean that you need to get more in touch with your feminine side, produce beauty in your life, join with your own sense, express yourself creatively and take the time to recognize the fantastic person that you happen to be. Specific questions concerning whether the connection is rewarding, may be answered in this position. In some research readings, you might need to decide on a card to represent a circumstance. The Emperor. While the drawn card will give you information, the ultimate decision is left up to you, and to learn from the experience. Examples: the Eight of Wands might be chosen to symbolize a trip; the Three of Cups is perfect for a celebration or even a love triangle.

The Emperor card stands for the highest level of leadership, recognizing your power within your society or community. The card drawn in this position, can give you a fantastic indication of what is to come. For readings about someone who has passed , you are able to choose a card from among the Court methods above or if you don’t know the birthdate, utilize the High Priestess. This archetype has mastered the world of matter and physical manifestation, eventually creating a better life for all during this energy.

People often keep drawing a new reading, just to discover that the cards are somewhat different, specifically within this situation. Hence the question — are they needed? It’s a matter of personal option. When you see this card appear, take some time to acknowledge the potential you have within yourself for command, through getting more confident on your abilities and internal assets despite some beliefs about yourself that may seem to be the reverse. It’s stated that this is because the previous reading you obtained, has already altered your awareness through the knowledge it passed on to you. Some readers utilize significators for each and every reading.

The Hierophant. It’s important to notice that the cards aren’t the be all and end all of the relations possible route. I don’t. The Hierophant is known as the messenger from the heavens, as he’s experienced in spirituality and guidance.

Of course, all relationships require work, and a card in this position can be a fantastic indicator of how simple or difficult challenges are going to be to conquer. I have some spreads where I feel they are significant, but largely I like to assume the ideal card will appear to represent the ENERGY the individual is transmitting (or needing) at the time of the reading. This suggests that you, too, can be a master in your area or preferred subject. The ideal route: play around with them. In the world the very popular type of divination is that of the tarot cards. When this card comes up, it is telling you to develop your experience and have faith in what you are doing.

See if they make sense to YOU or if it works in a specific spread. It is important when performing tarot cards to make sure you have taken the precautions to make sure you are protected. Continue learning what it is that you want to know so that you can establish a level of experience in your favorite subject. If you enjoy working with them, go right ahead and add them into your readings.

The tarot cards as themselves do not hold any power called electricity, the energy comes from the reader . Keywords: Learn, Experience, Mastery, Have Faith. The reason for protection is that if a psychic readers dealing with matters from the religious realm, there’s always the chance they could attract negative type energy. 10 Things You Need to Know About Tarot Readings for Marriage Predictions.

The Lovers. With using protection psychic readers are always able to guarantee that they will always be surrounded by white light. Palmistry consults the position of the Marriage Line to answer the identical question, whilst tarot cards give various insights according to the symbolism of the cards that you draw and also the position where you draw them.


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